BoxBolt Structural Steel Cavity Fixings

BoxBolt Structural Steel Cavity Fixings

BoxBolt is a specialist fixing designed with a sleeve that expands on the inside of the connection creating a strong geometrical interlock. BoxBolt is ETA assessed, is approved for use by Lloyds Register (LR) and ICC-ES rated. Thanks to all these approvals BoxBolt complies with the latest steel construction codes worldwide providing the designer and the user with total confidence and peace of mind. 

ICCONS BoxBolt provides a cost-effective option for safety-critical applications with superior performance when compared to other approved options on the market.

ICCONS BoxBolt is ideal for limited access applications, reduced installation time, highly specified and engineered applications as well as providing a solution for application where welding or through bolting is not possible.


The BoxBolt is suitable for a variety of applications including but not limited to: civil structures, facades, communications, maintenance and general building. BoxBolt is suitable for countless applications such as rectangular, square and even circular hollow sections and features a hexagon head design to aid installation with a standard spanner. When installation time needs to be kept at an absolute minimum, BoxBolt can be installed using the BoxSok installation tool.


1. Drill the sections to be fixed, ensuring that the holes required are to product specification.2. De-burr the holes.
3. Position the sections flush against each other
            a. Two sections are to be lined up without any gap. 
            b. Holes are aligned, using a mandrel if necessary
4. Position the BoxBolt’s in the holes. Check the collar is resting flat on the section with no gap.
5. Hold the collar in position using a suitable open-ended wrench, then tighten the bolt to the torque specified.
6. Remove the tool and check the tightening torque of the bolt.

For Rapid Installation: BoxBolt has the ability to be installed with the BoxSok installation tool. Simply pick the BoxSok size applicable to your BoxBolt, adjust the BoxSok so it fits properly onto the BoxBolt, hold the socket straight and tighten the bolt. 

Finishes and Availability

BoxBolt is readily available in three finishes (Hex Head): Zinc Plated, Hot Dip Galvanised and 316 Stainless Steel.

Available in three lengths per diameter
        Size 1 – Clamping range 3 to 42mm
        Size 2 – Clamping range 12 to 72mm
        Size 3 – Clamping range 24 to 102mm

Alternatively to Hex Head, the ICCONS BoxBolt also has countersunk, button head and socket cap head styles that are available upon request.