About Us

Our Mission

To remain committed to being a fiercely Independent wholesaler. To seriously collaborate and harness all our connections within the professional construction fastener and consumables space, delivering the best value, unparalleled service and uncompromised quality, exclusively to our Dealer Network and their clients.

ICCONS: The serious fixings wholesaler

ICCONS® is a dynamic Australian owned and operated construction supplies wholesaler dedicated to supporting the independent distribution channel with an extensive range of products. With global supply partners, we specialise in providing the latest technology in construction fastening systems, power tools and accessories.

ICCONS has grown to be a legitimate force within the independent construction fastener and consumables space because of the founders pledge to themselves and a desire to make a difference in the industry.

  • Complete commitment towards looking after independent dealers
  • A team with a proven track record and decades of experience and success stories
  • Emphasis on promoting, not hindering the profit-making process
  • Having integrity and respect as keys to strong commercial outcomes
  • Never lose the sense of fun and comradery with our journeymen

Our product range includes global iconic brands that have chosen ICCONS as one of their global wholesalers. Accessibility to these brands is maintained and immediately available alongside the ICCONS range, providing dealers with an exciting option for their construction supplies.

Serious Connections

Our tag line is Serious Connections. These two words envelop the depth of resources ICCONS brings to the independent dealer and is a statement of our intent that ICCONS is serious about its connections across the whole spectrum of its business. 

We look forward to delivering you a better choice in the construction supplies segment.

Customer Testimonials

“We will continue to work closely with ICCONS as their engineering and technical department are incredibly easy to deal with, they are also able to manage their tasks without us needing to follow up.”

Rory, Fitzgerald Constructions
Customer testimonial

“The team at ICCONS had an answer for all our questions, and if they were not sure, there was no stress in doing what they could to track down the right information. They were a breeze to work with and I couldn't believe that we had the whole testing process done and reports handed over within the week. That’s unheard of in this game.”

David, Hutchinson Builders
Customer testimonial

“The ICCONS engineering support, site load testing and ease of purchasing their product range through local distribution is a whole package of support that suits our business perfectly.”

Greg, Robert Guy and Sons
Customer testimonial

“I must make a special mention to the engineering team at ICCONS, they were unbelievably professional in their approach and absolutely proficient in their knowledge. The BIS–HY is an incredible new platform and a market leading product. Great work!”

Daniel, Hutchinson Builders
Customer testimonial

“We have used the ICCONS product on many a Starter Bar and Cross Stitching Project and always recommend them to the Designer and Builder as our preferred product.”

Lee, Robert Guy and Sons
Customer testimonial

“I am learning every day in my job here at Fitzgerald’s. It was great to see the ICCONS team come into the fold here on site. They went about their work professionally and swiftly attaining the answers we needed to get on with the job.”

Jane, Fitzgerald Constructions
Customer testimonial

“We use a full fleet of ICCONS GT-6 Gas Tools extensively every day and we cannot fault the product, service or quality that ICCONS provides. We highly recommend them!”

John, Advanced Pest Control
Customer testimonial