Our Responsibility

Take Care of our Planet

We are living in a delicate time where the potential for a sustainable future is still possible. We need to take action now.

At ICCONS, we want to do everything in our power to ensure a sustainable future becomes a reality.

We want to do our part to inspire change and to demonstrate with tangible and effective initiatives that it's up to every single one of us to take care of the planet we live on. From baby steps, we can contribute to changing the way large scale industries make, pack, store and ship their products with environmentally friendly substitutes that will in time become the way of the future.

Our Environmental Guide and Conscience

Liv is a young ocean enthusiast, Environmental Science graduate, freedive and dive instructor, surfer and lover of all things from the sea.

Liv has spent most of her young adult life exploring and working on the ocean. Following her passion to protect our marine environment, Liv endeavours to inspire others to fall in love and connect back with this blue element where all life was born and where our future lies.

ICCONS chose to partner with Liv For The Sea as its environmental conscience - to drive change in an impactful and real way rather than just in slogans. Liv's passion and love for the environment will lead, inspire and educate our Team and stakeholders to a more sustainable approach for the business.

Our Actions

2023 Annual Report and Action Plan

2022 Annual Report and Action Plan

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