AS5216:2021 Compliant NCC Anchor Design

Fast and Free download. The unique all-in-one screen interface makes compliant anchor specification so simple.

Design in accordance with the latest Australian Fastening Standard AS 5216:2021.

With the release of AS 5216:2021 the Australian Construction Industry now has clarity around prequalification and design of anchors for Seismic as well as Redundant Systems. ICCONS has been working hard in the background to completely overhaul our Anchor Design Software and are proud to release ICCONS DesignPRO!

Download ICCONS DesignPRO Today, It’s FREE!

ICCONS® DesignPRO is a fast software download (only 20MB) and completely FREE to download.

Design of fastenings under seismic actions

Calculations offering both seismic C1 and C2 solutions for mechanical and chemical fastenings in accordance with AS 5216:2021 for both structural and non-structural connections.

Design of redundant non-structural systems

Fastening options where in the case of failure or excessive slip of the fastener, the load on the fastener or fixing point can be transferred to adjacent fixing points without impairing the function of the attached element.

Combined loading and displacement calculations

Assessment of applications where fastenings are acting in both tension and shear with permissible displacement limits of fastenings providing verification of serviceability limit state provisions.

Unique all-in-one screen interface with easy data input and results display

Full functionality available on the one screen, no additional tabs to navigate, ensuring selection of design inputs, fastener selection types and modifications are efficient and easy.

Get your fix by using DesignPRO

No strings attached, simply download DesignPRO or refer a colleague and you are eligible to redeem from our suite of top-quality Anchor Armour merchandise!

Download ICCONS DesignPRO Today, It's FREE!

AS5216:2021 Compliant NCC Anchor Design made easy.

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