What is an ETA?

A European Technical Assessment (ETA) is an independent document providing technical information about the performance of a fastening product. ETA’s extend to other construction products as covered by EOTA the European Organisation for Technical Assessments.  

In Australia, an ETA provides a compliance path for suppliers of post-installed fastening products to comply with AS 5216:2021 (Design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings in concrete). A product holding a current ETA automatically qualifies for design in accordance with AS 5216:2021.

An ETA is a mark of assurance confirming that a product will perform to specific performance characteristics in relation to stated parameters, taking into account its intended use. 

What is contained in an ETA document?

  • Technical Assessment Body issuing the European Technical Assessment:
  • Trade name of the construction product 
  • Product family to which the construction product belongs
  • Manufacturer 
  • Manufacturing plant 
  • Assessment document reference
  • ETA number & issue date
  • Intended use of products and limitations
  • Performance parameters

For full details refer to individual product ETA

An ETA which has been issued after the 1st of July 2013 is valid indefinitely and holds no expiry date. The EOTA website publishes issued ETAs please refer to 

Changes to ETA’s from 1st of July 2013 

ETA’s issued prior to 30 June 2013 (European Technical Approvals) remain valid until the end of their expiry (validity) date, as stated on the individual ETA document. As of 1st of July 2013 ETAs will be known as European Technical Assessments and will be based on newly adopted European Assessment Documents (EADs) or ETAGs used as EADs. ETAs (European Technical Approvals) will disappear totally from circulation in time. For further information please visit  

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