TestPRO Anchor Pull Tester

The demand for more advanced anchoring solutions requires an equal advancement from the traditional models of anchor pull testing machines. Introducing ICCONS TestPRO powered by Staht.

A Modern Pull Tester for the Modern Era of Anchoring

TestPRO is a Digital Pull Tester with full colour screen, USB rechargeable internal battery with a state-of-the-art free mobile app to view tests in real time, record, search and share all the information you could ever need – A modern system for the modern construction industry.

Everything You Need to Perform Safe, Reliable Pull Tests. In One Heavy Duty Case.

The TestPRO Tester Kit is designed to proof load test anchors and safety eye bolts up to a maximum load of 60 kN. The kit is supplied in a heavy-duty case.

ICCONect Mobile App

The ICCONect app houses all TestPRO functionality- included as standard, with a free lifetime subscription. No monthly payments, no extra charges.

USB Rechargeable

The USB rechargeable Lithium Ion battery reduces the risk of running flat on site. Simply recharge your TestPRO PT60 unit after use. No more flat batteries.

Full Colour Screen

Sunlight ready full colour screen, visible in all light conditions.

Low Maintenance

Superior hydraulic seal design in a closed system prevents oil loss and the requirement for regular oil replenishment.

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