The Goods: It’s Time to go Pro! Introducing ICCONS New and Improved Thru-Bolt Pro

The Goods: It’s Time to go Pro! Introducing ICCONS New and Improved Thru-Bolt Pro

ICCONS ® Thru-Bolt ™ Pro is a pre-assembled torque controlled mechanical stud anchor, which when tightened draws the tapered end of the bolt into the expander clip, expanding it to create expansion forces against the wall of the hole. This anchor is ideal for quickly fixing steel or timber structures to a range of base materials such as concrete, cracked concrete, brick, block, rock and stone. Now available with European Test Assessments and seismic approvals (selected lines) in both zinc and sherardised variants, this anchor is used in countless applications in both residential and commercial construction. 

It has never been simpler to comply with the National Construction Code with ICCONS® Thru-Bolt™ Pro range. You can rest assured when you see the ICCONS logo imprinted on the expansion clip and have correctly installed the Thru-Bolt™ Pro to the red embedment depth mark, that you are doing your part to comply! Do you require more information about load performance? Simply click here!

Features and Benefits:

  • Through fixing for fast installation
  • Engineered clip for optimum expansion and anti-rotation
  • Red ETA embedment depth mark providing ease of installation on site
  • Available in zinc and sherardised corrosion resistant finish
  • AS5216:2021 Compliant
  • ETA assessed (ETA 20/0900), uncracked and cracked concrete approval, seismic C1 and C2 assessed, and fire assessed.
  • Identification code on bolt head for easy traceability

Installation Tips

  1. Drilling

                - Use drill in hammer mode. Drill to specified diameter and depth for the required size.

        2.   Blow and clean

                - Clean the drill hole completely of dust and debris.

                - Use blow pump and brush

        3. Insert

                - Insert the anchor in the hole until the red ring mark is flat with the concrete surface

                - Use hammer if required; DOMTA tool can be used alternatively.

                - The installation may be done through the fixture baseplate.

        4. Apply torque

                - Apply nominal installation torque using a torque wrench.

                - Once installed verification of the total length of the anchor can be made through the letter on the head.