The Ultimate Performance Pure Epoxy - BIS PE GEN3

The Ultimate Performance Pure Epoxy - BIS PE GEN3

Introducing the latest BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy adhesive anchoring system. ICCONS BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy is the next generation pure epoxy that has been developed to provide superior performance and now offering 100-year design life for all Major Civil Infrastructure Projects. 

For Major Civil Infrastructure Projects

Designed for use with threaded rod, rebar and internally threaded sockets into concrete. Ideally used in civil and infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, road and rail construction where design requirements specify 100-year design life. ICCONS BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy is the primary choice. 

The Ultimate Performance Chemical Anchor

BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy is also designed for use in high rise commercial construction when fastening structural steel connections such as steel beams or columns to concrete, sound barriers, balustrades and facades. For seismic anchoring, retrofitting of structures to concrete or post-installed rebar requirements, don’t look any further than the ICCONS BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy.

Dustless Drilling Approved!

Holes not cleaned properly can greatly reduce the performance of adhesive anchoring. You can now install ICCONS BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy with dustless drill bits and eliminate this issue completely.

ICCONS BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy is the most comprehensive adhesive anchoring system on the market:

  • Compliant to the National Construction Code 2019
  • ETA for 100-year design life in accordance with EAD 330499-01-0601
  • Complies to minimum requirements in accordance with AS 5216:2018
  • Designed for cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • ETA assessed for dry, wet and flooded holes
  • For use with hollow drill bits providing dustless solution
  • Designed for use in sustained load application i.e. overhead
  • Seismic C1 and C2 assessed for threaded rod and reinforcing bar
  • Fired Rated
  • ICCONS Designfix software available for easy and quick design calculations
  • Available in 440ml and 1400ml jumbo tube

Customer Testimonials

“We really loved the Structnail Gripshank Supersharpy as we saved a lot of time compared to the traditional way of screwing the boards on, but the biggest time saving comes from the head of the nail - it doesn’t buff up the board like a screw does, so the finished product looks so much better and basically no sanding and patching before painting compared to screwing it. The finished product looks amazing and we are really happy with it.”

Michael, Cardo Constructions
Customer testimonial

“We purchased the B+BTec core drilling equipment for a large job at Crown Casino and were very impressed with the performance of this product and the auto-feed unit was a dream. The speed at which the B+BTec core barrels cut through steel reinforcement was amazing. The team at ICCONS were fantastic to deal with in assisting with any roadblocks that we encountered with the job.”

Anthony, MG Group
Customer testimonial

“Very happy with the performance of the ICCONS Pure Epoxy chemical. It met all of the requirements at a fraction of the cost for another brand. The ICCONS team were helpful in the selection of products to be used for the application. We purchased the B+BTec core drill for this job as it was highly recommended, and after a few weeks of use, we purchased another tool as it was heavily reducing labour costs.”

Richard, Blue Steel Welding
Customer testimonial

“The ICCONS engineering support, site load testing and ease of purchasing their product range through local distribution is a whole package of support that suits our business perfectly.”

Greg, Robert Guy and Sons
Customer testimonial

“We use a full fleet of ICCONS GT-6 Gas Tools extensively every day and we cannot fault the product, service or quality that ICCONS provides. We highly recommend them!”

John, Advanced Pest Control
Customer testimonial

“I am learning every day in my job here at Fitzgerald’s. It was great to see the ICCONS team come into the fold here on site. They went about their work professionally and swiftly attaining the answers we needed to get on with the job.”

Jane, Fitzgerald Constructions
Customer testimonial

“The team at ICCONS had an answer for all our questions, and if they were not sure, there was no stress in doing what they could to track down the right information. They were a breeze to work with and I couldn't believe that we had the whole testing process done and reports handed over within the week. That’s unheard of in this game.”

David, Hutchinson Builders
Customer testimonial

“I must make a special mention to the engineering team at ICCONS, they were unbelievably professional in their approach and absolutely proficient in their knowledge. The BIS–HY is an incredible new platform and a market leading product. Great work!”

Daniel, Hutchinson Builders
Customer testimonial

“We have used the ICCONS product on many a Starter Bar and Cross Stitching Project and always recommend them to the Designer and Builder as our preferred product.”

Lee, Robert Guy and Sons
Customer testimonial

“We will continue to work closely with ICCONS as their engineering and technical department are incredibly easy to deal with, they are also able to manage their tasks without us needing to follow up.”

Rory, Fitzgerald Constructions
Customer testimonial