The Goods: A Closer Look at the THRU-BOLT™ PRO Updates

22 November 2023
The Goods: A Closer Look at the THRU-BOLT™ PRO Updates

In the fast-evolving realm of construction, where precision meets reliability, ICCONS® takes a leap forward with a notable upgrade to its THRU-BOLT™ PRO. This mechanical stud anchor has long been synonymous with efficiency and durability, and its recent enhancements aim to reinforce its position in the premium performance space. 

The focus is on offering a comprehensive and competitive range, spanning zinc, galvanized, and stainless steel variants, all equipped with relevant approvals, including seismic assessments. The move acknowledges the need for adept engineering and salesmanship, especially when vying for opportunities in the ultimate performance space.

Key Additions

Within this upgrade, several noteworthy updates deserve the spotlight:

  1. Seismic Assessment for Stainless Steel Range: The entire THRU-BOLT™ PRO range, including zinc, galvanized, and stainless steel variants, now holds seismic assessments. This marks a significant stride in ensuring the anchor's reliability under seismic stresses.
  2. Thin Base Material Option: A standout feature is the introduction of a thin base material option, currently available in the ETA for zinc-only sizes. This innovation, validated by the European ETA lab, promises versatility and opens doors for future adaptations in galvanized and stainless steel versions.
  3. DESIGN PRO Software Update: The commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at the product level. The DESIGN PRO software is undergoing updates to accommodate the new seismic additions, aligning the digital support with the physical advancements.

The upgrade adds another layer of versatility to this anchor. Whether you're navigating residential constructions or tackling complex commercial projects, the THRU-BOLT™ PRO stands as a reliable companion.

In a market where every detail matters, the THRU-BOLT™ PRO emerges not just as an anchor but as a symbol of ICCONS®' dedication to innovation. This upgrade propels it further into the echelons of premium performance, offering not just reliability but adaptability.

For further technical information on our product range, please email [email protected] and one of our engineers will be available to assist.

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