ICCONS Mission is to harness all our connections within the professional, construction and consumables field, delivering the best value offer exclusively to distribution.
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Keyang DH18BL




Product Partners

Apolo Fixing Technology has a mission to offer professional building service contractors profitable and efficient solutions that ensure cost reductions of their installations and assemblies. [Apolo website](http://www.celo-apolo.de/en/index.php)
Based upon some 40 years of experience, B+BTec designs and manufactures quality engineered drilling & anchoring systems for professionals in the construction & manufacturing industries. [B+BTec website](http://www.bbtectools.com/)
Friulsider Spa is an Italian company specialised in the production of fixing and fastening system. Based in the north-east of Italy, it was established in 1966 as a manufacturer of screws and bolts. During the early 1980s it shifted its focus towards the production of fixing systems.[Friulsider Spa website](http://www.friulsider.it/home.php?lang=en)
Keyang manufactures in South Korea and is the number 1 in industrial power tools. Keyang have remained market leader for thelast 10 years in Korea, ahead of all the major brands known in theworldwide market place. Since the birth of Keyang over 30 yearsago, Keyang specialize in manufacturing and selling D.C. motorsfor electric tools and major car electrical components. Keyangs valueshave remained true - To manufacture high quality industrial powertools without compromise.[Keyang Products](http://www.iccons.com.au/product-category/tools/)
Heller, a successful manufacturer of drill bits for professional requirements, was founded more than 160 years ago. The company's tradition of high-quality tool manufacturing, with which the Heller name is synonymous, goes back even further - right back to 1583.[Heller website](http://www.hellertools.com/)
Muro Corporation was first established in 1953 in Tokyo Japan. In 1986 Muro developed its patented Vislider Auto Feed Screw Driving System and Visrope collated screws; over the ensuing years Muro has remained the leader in the field of Auto Feed Screw Driving Technology.[Muro](http://www.muro.com/)
Starborn Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative fasteners and related products for the building industry. Founded in 1961, the company holds a well-deserved, industry-wide reputation within the deck building, construction and woodworking businesses. Starborn products including its Headcote®, Smart-Bit®, Pro Plug®, Cap-Tor® and Deckfast® brands are also now available internationally through distributors and dealers servicing Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand.[Starborn website](http://www.starbornindustries.com/)
Winchester Industrial Equipment is one of the world's largest producers of loads used in powder actuated tools (PAT). Since the early 1940's, Winchester has consistently met and exceeded customer needs by working closely with PAT manufacturers in developing the most innovative and highest quality PAT loads available.[Winchester](http://pat.parbst.dk/)

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