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ICCONS DesignPRO: AS5216:2021 Compliant NCC anchor design made easy


  • Fast software download (only 20MB) and its FREE!
  • Anchoring Software complying with AS 5216:2021
  • Includes Design of fastenings under seismic actions
  • Includes Design of redundant non-structural system
  • Combined loading and displacement calculations
  • Unique all-in-one screen interface with easy data input and results display
  • Interactive 3D model display for clear anchor and baseplate layout including rotation functionality
  • Integrated FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for quick base plate thickness calculations
  • Offers design solutions for rigid and elastic baseplates
  • Flexible custom anchor and base plate geometry design for complex shapes and applications
  • Utilizes Australian steel profiles and material grades
  • All product and all failure modes individually checked for precise anchor analysis and selection
  • Summary or detailed design report options available to save or print

ICCONS® Anchor Design Software - Design in accordance with the latest Australian Fastening Standard AS 5216:2021.

ICCONS® DesignPRO is an innovative 3D visual user interface anchor design software program developed to assist engineers and designers with complex fastening projects in accordance with AS 5216:2021 for safety-critical applications. ICCONS® DesignPRO is a powerful anchor design software program offering a fast and efficient solutions tool for the construction industry.

ICCONS® DesignPRO utilises a simple all-in-one screen format making it a user-friendly environment to input all application parameters. Using  ICCONS® DesignPRO also ensures you’re are complying with the National Construction Code (NCC) for the design of post-installed fastenings into concrete. 

ICCONS® DesignPRO includes a comprehensive range of adhesive and mechanical fastening solutions which hold current European Technical Assessments (ETA). The software offers an intuitive selection of a range of products including adhesive epoxies and hybrid options as well as heavy-duty expansion anchors and screwbolt type solutions. No matter what the application requirements demand, ICCONS® DesignPRO provides effective solutions and detailed reports that can be downloaded in pdf format in accordance with AS 5216:2021 providing clear documentation and traceability for any project.

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ICCONS® DesignPRO is the next generation in anchoring design software for engineers, designers and specifiers looking for fastening solutions complying with AS 5216:2021. ICCONS® DesignPRO is available for FREE DOWNLOAD by completing the form below;

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