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Australia NOW has a standard for Post-installed fasteners!


SA TS 101:2015 is now superseded by AS 5216:2018

Designing, specifying and testing of Post installed anchors in Australia has always been a difficult proposition with heavy reliance on international standards as well as manufacturer guidance creating a confusing landscape for designers and installers.

On 23rd December 2015 a new Australian technical specification (SA TS 101:2015) was published by Standards Australia for cast-in anchor channel and post-installed fasteners.

SA TS 101:2015 “Design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings for use in concrete” covered the design, testing and qualification provisions in concrete only for safety critical applications in buildings.

On 1st May 2016, SA TS 101:2015 was released as a primary referenced document in the 2016 National Construction Code (NCC) Volumes 1 & 2. Driven by an industry need to develop local performance based minimum requirements for post-installed anchors,       SA TS101:2015 was the first Australian document to formally address Design, Installation and Assessment of Post-installed Anchors and cast-in channels for safety critical applications in concrete.

Safety critical applications are defined as those where failure may result in the collapse or partial collapse of the structure, endanger human life and/or cause considerable economic consequences i.e. structural connections and supports for critical services in high importance buildings like hospitals.

The testing and assessment regime stipulated in SA TS 101:2015 is based on the relevant European technical approval guidelines (ETAG’s) and/or European Assessment Documents (EAD’s). Post-installed anchors holding a current ETA comply the testing and assessment criteria stated in SA TS 101:2015.

In May 2018 SA TS 101:2015 was superseded by Australian Standard AS 5216:2018 (Design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings in concrete). AS 5216:2018 follows the same design, testing and qualification requirements previously outlined in SA TS 101:2015 with the addition of some editorial modifications and corrections.

SA TS 101:2015 although superseded is still a primary reference in the current 2016 NCC and the official documents to follow when complying with the deeded-to-satisfy requirements.  AS 5216:2017 will become a primary reference in the next NCC update in 2019.

ICCONS are totally committed in leading the way towards a safer construction industry and as part of this commitment continue to develop new proprietary ETA approved chemical and mechanical anchoring systems that comply with AS 5216:2018 / SA TS 101:2015.

ICCONS understand that maintaining compliance to new standards can be a daunting task for many. With the release of AS 5216:2017 always look for the ICCONS NCC symbol of compliance and be confident your anchors comply!

ICCONS® contracts ISO 9001 certified manufacturing partners to ensure high quality products and code compliant anchoring systems are brought to the Australian marketplace under the ICCONS® brand or our global supply partner’s brand .

Over the last 5 years there has been a significant move by the Australian fastening industry to promote the need for higher levels of engineering standards and requirements for code compliant anchoring systems particularly with specific European Technical Assessments (ETA) being the benchmark references required.

ICCONS® is proud to promote a comprehensive suite of fastening systems with recognized ETA assessments for high performance mechanical and adhesive anchoring systems under both ICCONS® and our supply partners’ brands.

For additional engineering support ICCONS® Engineering Department provides technical support across Australia and New Zealand. This support extends to field application advice, site product testing and engineering seminars.

ICCONS® also offers training on anchor installation and provides installers using ICCONS® products with a certificate of competency upon successful completion of the course.

For further information on Engineering support contact ICCONS® directly on 03 9706 4344.

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